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Web Cam of the Week:

  Time Square Web Cam

  I like this webcam. I think it's fun just watching all the people. Plus there's a dozen different cameras to choose from.

Fun Web Pages:

If you'd bored and want to try something new and fun, this is the place to go. 

The Onion
OK, this site has been around forever, but it's still fun to check out from time to time.

You got to check these out:

Welcome to my web page

Hi, my name is Frank Gerry of Brighton, Massachusetts.  This page contains links to my pictures, my blephorospasm page, my sailing blog, thoughts and ideas, as  well as, anything else I feel like posting whether it's funny pictures,  philosophical  discussions, or cool links.

Pictures of Janet and I :

  (Various pictures of us that I thought are worth posting) 
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The picture above is my wife Janet and I at sunset on "Dinghy Beach", Block Island. We took a sailing vacation in 2005 along the Southern Coast of New England and spent several days on Block Island, one of our favorite places.
Dinghy Beach is the name we gave the small beach inside the Great Salt Pond harbor that boaters use for their dinghies.

My Picture of the Week  :
  ( Various pictures I've taken that I'd like to share with the world)
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 A palm tree in Hawaii. I took this picture on Waikiki Beach in Oahu in 2003. Today (that I post this) is a cold winter day and I thought it was fitting to post a picture from a beautiful and warm beach day to bring back memories.

Inspirational Picture of the Week:

I love these fake "Inspirational Posters". The real ones were so stupid to begin with.

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Descriptions of my sub web pages:

Our Pictures: 
 Just as the name implies, these are Janet and my pictures to share with our friends and family. It will eventually have several pages, covering our travels, our sailing pix, family pix, and pictures I've taken that I think have some degree of artistic merit.

 A description and history of my neurological disease. It's not a very common disease so I'm hoping that writing about my experiences will help other people. Also, good links for additional information are provided.

My Sailing Blog:
 I've been writing about my sailing adventures aboard my sailboat Galatea.

Thoughts and Ideas:
 This is where I write my current delusional rantings and other thoughts on the world.

Cool Links:
 I'm thinking about this. I may use this a placeholder for now. This page is under contruction and I may use this page for something else. Don't know yet.